The International Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine (IASTAM) is the world’s foremost community of scholars and practitioners devoted to understanding the history and contemporary practice of Asian medicines in their various forms. We attempt to overcome boundaries, whether they are geographical or based on unspoken assumptions.

Our membership is made up of academics and clinicians, pharmacologists and epidemiologists, and many other stakeholders that care about the past, present, and future of Asian medicines.

We encourage critical engagement with Asian medicines as “living traditions” even as we seek to promote their enduring relevance to the contemporary world. We are independent of commercial, professional, and political interests and therefore are able to provide a space for the expression of different views. And, we are known for putting on the most exciting events and conferences in the field.

If you are not already a member of the IASTAM, you are missing out on the numerous advantages that our members enjoy. You are welcome to join as a member.

— Dr. Angelika Messner, President

What is IASTAM? (PDF)

Vision Statement of IASTAM as a Transdisciplinary Forum in Asian Medicine (PDF)