Members of IASTAM enjoy:

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  • Free unlimited electronic access to all past and current issues of the IASTAM journal, Asian Medicine. (Please note that access is handled by Brill, and you will receive an email from them with your login information within a few weeks of registering with IASTAM.)
  • Reduced registration rates for IASTAM conferences.
  • Networking opportunities with approximately 300 scholars across various disciplines and regions.
  • 35% discount on Brill publications on Asian medicines (contact : Chunyan Shu
  • Members in good standing may display the logo at right on their websites and in other appropriate printed or online contexts. (Drag or right-click the logo to download.)

Register Now!

If you are planing to join us in Taipei on Jun. 20-24, 2024 – please use the official conference website for your membership renewal!

Note that, no matter when they were initiated, all memberships are active only for the inter-conference period and must be renewed at the next ICTAM conference. Please contact our treasurer if you have any questions about the process of becoming a member.

Full price €50.00: Membership runs for the entire inter-conference period (i.e., from now until the next ICTAM conference).

Discounted price €20.00: You may opt for discounted membership if you have an annual income of €20,000 or less. The rights and benefits of membership are the same as the full price.