Old newsletter mastheadThe IASTAM Newsletter was founded in 1982 by Charles Leslie, the co-founder of IASTAM. For more than twenty years it has published notices and articles covering a wide range of topics of interest that unite academics and practitioners. Regular reports of conferences, book reviews, news of projects and work in progress altogether constitute an invaluable resource for researching traditional medicine, past and present. Since IASTAM has no specific professional or academic affiliation the newsletter has added importance for its independent voice. From 2005 the academic articles are now being published in the Journal of the Association Asian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity. Much current information on the association’s activities is now available through this website. However, we do publish at least one Newsletter every year to keep our members informed. The newsletter is edited by the Secretary-General, who is happy to receive any announcements or contributions relevant to the society’s mission for the newsletter.

You can obtain the current newsletter by joining IASTAM. In order to enable easy access to back issues of our newsletters, we have decided to make them freely available through our website. If you download and use the back issues provided below, we would appreciate it if you would also join IASTAM.