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ICTAM X 2021 “Life Stories” Interactive Media Competition

Have you ever had an experience with traditional medicine that profoundly changed the way you practice medicine, seek treatment, think about medical theory, science, or even life?

We are looking for precisely such “life stories” told in an engaging and inspiring manner. To this end, this competition invites you — practitioner, patient, or scholar of traditional medicine — to explore a new form of communication: visual storytelling. Using the interactive format of Shorthand, a web-publishing platform, allows you to integrate text with high quality images, video, and audio for enhanced storytelling.

Submission Deadline: May 15, 2020


IASTAM is offering the following prizes:

1st prize
A) Travel support to attend ICTAM X 2021 in Taipei up to 1000 EUR and Conference registration fee
(**for those with an annual income below 17500 Euro and lacking institutional travel support)
B) 600 EUR Cash Award and Conference registration fee
(**for those with an annual income over 17500 Euro or institutional travel support)

2nd prize
400 EUR Cash Award and Conference registration fee

3rd prize
250 EUR Cash Award and Conference registration fee



Please visit for tutorials and a discussion of the platform. Here is an inspiring Shorthand example and Case Studies:

Word Limit:

Minimum: Title only (the narrative would be expressed graphically)
Maximum: 1500 words

Three Sections With Equal Length:

The word count must be the same across the three sections. The first and last sentence of each section should not exceed five words. If there are no words, sections must have the same number/length of visual media.

Media Material Guidelines:

Visual and audio materials (for example: photos, videos, music, sounds, images, artwork, diagrams etc.) must be in the public domain or be used under a creative commons license (CC-, your own, or used by permission of the author. One way to search for creative commons images is using Google image search: Google image > tools> usage rights> labeled reuse


To request specific instructions on using Shorthand and to be set up to begin creating your story please contact us.

Lisa Brooks-
Natalie Köhle –